I am so not into Bollywood, but after shifting to Bandra in 2013. I have kind of been seeing a lot many Bollywood personalities which I was never really exposed to.

One of the first stars I saw was Alia Bhat in 2013 at Yoga House (whom I didn’t recognise, as I had never seen her movie) but I thought she looked familiar. Then of course Shahrukh Khan red chilli entertainment has a Starbucks and I was a regular there once. He is one of the most intense-looking guys.

Once I attended a book launch with Big B as a chief guest, but the most interesting and crazy spotting was when Salman Khan was expected at a bookshop and all the children from the school opposite the bookshop stopped and were chanting Salman. That day I felt Salman might be the biggest star or he is just extremely savvy with his PR.

Sorry for the back story.


Why did I read the autobiography?

When I saw Kabir Bedi had released an autobiography, I said oh, I cannot read any Bollywood stuff, it is so pop culture. But then Kabir Bedi somehow is part of my consciousness more than any other star for some reason, which I try to explain below.

It was around 2006, my friend Jai asked me to talk to Kabir Bedi and get a quote for a show our company Quantum Leap Productions was producing. I called Kabir and promptly got a text asking me to text back. I got a quote and let Jai know about it. I was happy that it was the first time I had actually texted a big celeb. But I am too much of an introvert and shy away from celebs.

But then I kept spotting Kabir and his attractive wife at NCPA’s and other places. Also, Jai eventually did a show with Kabir and I was with Jai backstage after the show.

Kabir gives an aura of some royalty whenever I have been in front of him I feel like a deer caught in the front of headlights. His aura is so huge that I feel like hiding somewhere. But he is the most easy-going guy whatever a couple of times I have interacted.

Anyway, this is the reason, I thought I must read Kabir’s book and the moment I started I couldn’t put it down. It is nothing brilliant, it is just honest and grounded storytelling. It is an easy and breezy read.

I like to know the real-life of Bollywood people than the reel life, they do lead interesting lives. In case you want to read my highlights of the book, go here