It been now several months now. As you very well know, I cannot keep things in my stomach and have to vomit everything on this personal blog. Now, I want a solution to this problem. You may say, what is the problem dude, it is just a dream and it is quite normal for a healthy old man to get such dreams as after a certain vintage men stop getting lucky. This is precisely the problem. Let me explain. In my dreams, I am roaming around the city like I do IRL. But wherever I go, I am chased by beautiful women. Some women get so excited on seeing me that try to pounce on me. Some woman are so disappointed that i reject them that they start making ugly crying faces at me.

These dreams are so recurring that it feels like a nightmare. There are times some of these woman have offered me cash to do the unthinkable with them. Now you might be thinking why don’t i oblige these women and give them what they want? Yes, that is my conundrum too, I am also wondering why I cannot oblige to them? Am i less of a man? Am i impotent? These questions are tormenting me in my dreams.

Now, it has started affecting my real life too, I see beautiful woman around me with suspicions, I feel they are going to pounce on me, or beg and cry to me to take them in.

Dear Readers, what should I do? This is a grave question of my manliness! Please send me suggestion via DM.

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