They say a woman can make a man feel like a lion. If you woman looks up to you, you will feel like a lion, and if she is disgusted with you will feel worthless.

She married an extremely successful man

He was a man of his own world. People saluted him for making it from the streets to owning a Mercedes. But as he became upwardly mobile, he desired a cultured woman. He divorced his “uncultured wife” who use to look up to him like God and then married a bourgeois woman. This was a dream come true. He thought he had finally met his match, but his new wife didn’t think so. She felt she had married a man who though rich was culturally still a savage.

Taming the savage

The man only knew to win. Winning people have a predatory nature. Due to their power, they often take what they can without any thought to the weak who they are exploiting. He only understood one thing - “Money is Power”.

Now the new wife wanted a cultured man. This started the taming of the Lion. She shamed him for everything, she shamed him for his eating habit, his loudness, and his children also. The man started to lose his teeth, he was being disarmed by this wife of his. He lost the ability to hunt. Now he became her prey. He was her goat.