I don’t know why I started looking into the inner workings of Woke culture for past few years. Maybe my radar detects a serious threat from this culture. The thing is, I’ve never been a collectivist, I don’t have that thing inside me that says you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I’m going to do what I think is right.

I have certain values and such malevolent collectivist groups threaten me. I feel like they will prevent me from saying what I want to say and what is right.It is already happening where I am asked to curtail or censor my speech on the internet. My beef with millennials about “Woke Culture”. Someone quoted -

What is the idea of the older generation becomes instinct for the next generation.

Millennials have taken to this culture like fish to water . It’s so natural for them. I see girls as young as 13 using pronouns she/her in their Instagram bio’s . So Zen Z is also into it. Yes, these are Indian schools girls, and we don’t teach critical race theory in our schools. But we know better, the kids are learning far more things on the internet than in the classrooms.

During the recent riots in Portland in 2020, it is said a good percentage of the people protesting were highly educated millennials having education from elite colleges and drawing more than $100000 as salary per year.


Why have the Millennials and Zen Z fallen for this culture?

Humans are mimetic creatures, which means we covet what other people have. In this case, we covet what people in the higher status ladder have. These higher status ladder people are young, cool people educated at the best colleges (usually Ivy League) in America. They are the role models for the youth. I mean, who wouldn’t want to study in an American University?

But American Universities wanted to admit more students as it means more revenue, but these kids aren’t bright enough to qualify for the math and science degrees or to say it politiely they don’t have an aptitude for math and science. So they were sold the humanities degrees. These kids proudly display in their bio that they are an expert in making placards. (Imagine the plight of the parent who paid for the education?)

Humanities is where the kids are indoctrinated to critical theory. The kids have now been given a tool and idealogy to fight a situation that is not quite the Indian problem (or a real american problem too).

It is too late for them to turn back, there are too many sunk costs. These elite kids have invested time and money and got PhDs to research problems that are not really Indian or REAL, and then there is also social validation where their community looks upto them to play their roles and promises. It is college campus life extended into adulthood. Life is basically one big party with lot of sex.

These kids then pass out and get into corporations and art and design colleges where they get high status because of their credentials and start spreading their ideas (virus).


Over Production of Elite and Intra-Elite Rivalry

The basic problem is that there is an overproduction of elites as many affluent Indians have now educated their kids in these elite US universities. Then the ground reality hits these elite kids that there are not enough coveted positions for them in the society. They are a disgruntled lot. They want to use the only tool they have to fight a fake war to get POWER.

They are victims too, they have invested so much in their education and they can’t be like those SMART AMERICANS so they raise a war cry called JUST AMERICA!!!!

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