Yesterday a woman said, I can help you with social media marketing. It is free. I reluctantly agreed. I said this is my number let’s talk.

She immediately shot back saying she prefer google meet instead of calls as she would like to share the screen.

Well, nothing wrong with that. But seeing a face on the other end also that of a stranger (a woman) is a bit discomforting. One feels exposed.

Get plain old vanilla voice calls back

I think we are losing on to something which is more precious. A simple old fashioned telephone call.

I like the comfort I get from hearing other people’s voices. People who can tell you a story on the phone are my favourite kind of people. I think in this era of aggressive selling on zoom. We have forgotten the magic of simple zoom calls.

Cancel Text Messages also

Now, voice calls have a more dangerous killer called the text message or in India, it is ubiquitously known as “Whatsapp”.

All kinds of fake emotions can be expressed via a smiley, let real intimacy and caring go take a holy dip in the Ganges.

Sorry for the rant.

Text messages have killed the art of conversation. Speaking takes a lot of skill. Everything is like fast food, a phone call is now a text message and if you want to sell something, replace the simple phone call with a zoom call.

You can even jerk off while you are on a zoom call as only the top half of your body is visible. Try it seriously!!!