I just heard this entire talk by Osho this morning, so I thought I might as well sum it up as it is fresh in memory. This is Osho at it’s best! His articulation and drilling down into minutiae is like no one else. I feel due to short attention spans nowadays no one has the patience to tell stories like Osho does. I had stopped listening to him as I also felt he sounded dated. The I realised I was low on patience as now you get quicker fixes on social media and youtube. To listen to Osho, you need to be serious about stuff. He doesn’t give you quotable quotes. He gets to the root of the problem.



  • A disciple writes to Osho for advice - He says " He now approaching old age and though he is spiritual he is extremely troubled by his desire for women and sex."

  • Osho’s Reply

    • He says men start getting sexual urges from age 14 and his urges usually peak at the age of 17, but in our society most men don’t get sex till age of marriage which could be 25 or even 30. This means that when the man is leaking and the energy to totally enjoy sex he is repressed and this manifest in unfulfilled desire which leaves him wanting. He says men should ideally not feel much lust after the age of 42. But in a repressed society, the man goes on lusting till his old age.

    • He says this desire is also the door to higher things, but instead of repressing it, one can transcend it to “tantra'. He says he gets flak for promoting tantra by the same repressed men.

    • He says 99% of the men including Sadhu’s are repressed, but no one is courageous to admit it, as it means being laughed at by the same other people.

    • He says men who know ‘Kam vasna” can see beauty in other things as the roots of lust are the same. The same eyes which sees a beautiful woman also sees the beauty of the flower and nature.

    • Summing it up in one line

    • Transcend lust than repressing it. God will never blame you for lust as he meant it as a feature not a bug."

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