Somehow Osho is giving me the answers to my current problems. So after not listening to Osho for like 25 years, I am back again to listening to Osho . He is now relevant to the answers I am seeking. So here are excellent two videos on the feminine mystery.

Summing it for lazy ass people here

  • Feminine is about being receptive. (Sometimes irrespective of the gender)

  • God is Feminine. (Cause you are always seeking God)

  • Women are stronger then men.

    • Mortality rates of men between the age of 0-14 are much higher.

    • Women get less sick than men do

    • Women outlive men on an average

  • Women are subdued by men, cause men know they are stronger than them.

  • Women are born with all eggs, while men get them on maturity or puberty.

  • Women are born stable (for lack of better word) and feel complete within themselves so find no need to be aggressive.

Enjoy the talks in Hindi below.