One of the things a single man has to solve is his meal problem. Growing up in a typical patriarchal family set up I never thought I would someday have to cook.

Eating shouldn’t be fussy, but we have been so much sold on stuff like

  1. Are you eating enough fibre?

  2. Are you getting enough vitamins?

  3. Are you gluten-sensitive?

etc, etc.

These things have made us paranoid and focus too much on our stomachs instead of our heads.

I have also gone through the entire circus of vegan, organic stuff. But then I knew if I have to accomplish anything I need to nail my diet.

I cannot afford to spend time #cooking, but my reliance on restaurant food is also not good. So I came up with a simple rule for eating meals at home.

555 fruit salad diet.

Last 5-6 months, I have been eating only fruits If I am at home. I have like one or two meals a day.

If I have two meals, one of the meals is just fruit. Fruits alone can get boring so I make “Panch Amrut” which is a fruit salad with five ingredients that take five minutes to make and takes about five minutes to eat.

So for example

My lunch was

5 bananas (smaller ones)


shredded coconut



This took me five minutes to cook.

Some more rules

Not to cook any meals (eat raw only, this saves time on cooking and cleaning)

When the digestive system is sluggish, go on a fruit-only diet.

When you do not want to drown in a sleep coma, eat fruit salad only.

Do you have any such ideas for a 555 meal?

So I am always looking for delicious recipes with the following formula. If you have anything which adheres to the above 555 rule let me know.

Summarising the rules

Five ingredients

Five minutes to prepare

Five minutes to eat.


Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash