This might seem like a third world problem, but I have lost weight. I am losing weight for some reason. The reason is poor metabolism. It is a sedentry life. Being a knowledge worker means you spend most of the time sitting in front of the computer and instead of real meetings you have chats and zoom calls.

Now the nature of work cannot be changed and due to advancing age, the metabolism cannot be improved further, unless I start working out or start running marathons. Running is a good idea to improve metabolism. But it is the damn rains. How can you go outside and run in this weather.

But like every other middle-class solution, my solution to improve my weight is to eat eggs. I like it fried. So now on weekedays, I am eating three eggs.

Do you think it will help me put on weight? Is there a better solution you can think off? Remember my My New 555 Home Cooking Rules before you dish out advice :)

DALL·E 2022-08-13 12-10-15 - Gaining weight by eating eggs

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